It's The Henries tonight. Don't know what that is? It's an annual greetings gala where both the great and good of all things cardish get together and celebrate who has the loveliest horse. Like a gymkhana for cards, or something like that. Followed by a posh frocks disco and a moshpit of cellophane based mayhem. Unfortunately we're not going - still prepping for BLE next week/invite lost in the post - but we'll have everything crossed for The Art File, up for three awards, one of which is with us for "Best Licensed Range". Not expecting to win as we're up against The BFG. Not sure he's going either. But, Pat Sharp is. Yes, THAT Pat Sharp.

The Henries
Best Licensed Range 2018 | Finalists

  • Disney/Marvel Magazine Covers from Hallmark 
  • I Like Birds from The Art File 
  • Ladybird Books for Grown-ups from Danilo (Winner)
  • Peter Rabbit from UK Greetings 
  • Quentin Blake from Woodmansterne 
  • Sara Miller London from The Art File