Two years ago we entered a competition that changed our lives, put us in front of a global audience, paved the way for us to start turning our dreams of textiles, stationery and tea pots (coming REAL soon!) into reality, and led us to a whole world of Puffinry by partnering up with Browntrout Publishers UK Ltd, My Gifts Trade, Quadrille Publishing and The Art File. Now it’s your turn, and there’s never been a better time to enter… The "License This!" competition offers new creative concepts the chance to break into the global licensing industry. It is open to any artwork, brand or character that has no merchandising deals already in place or pending. Shortlisted entries will be invited to pitch their concept at Brand Licensing Europe 2018 in front of a live audience and a panel of expert industry judges.

This year there will be two winners: One representing “Character & Animation” the other “Brand & Design”, meaning there’s double the chance of winning. It truly is an open competition, and offers an amazing opportunity for people such as us, who started with cottage industry greeting cards, to move into a much larger market (the global licensing market is estimated to generate around $270 Billion a year!) Entries are now open. The process is simple, the judges all want you to succeed, it really is an amazing opportunity. Just go to and download your form. We’ll be do doing more about License This! over the coming weeks, and are happy to answer (as best we can) any questions as this is a competition worth shouting about and a huge opportunity…for you