Carbon Offsetting

We use Offset from Shopify

Offset allows us to neutralize our shipping emissions that contribute to climate change. Every time you make a purchase we make a donation, calculated according to shipping weight, that goes towards protecting rainforest in Brazil.

We're excited to work with Pachama and contribute to certified projects, complying with the best-in-class carbon offset protocols and standards.

How we Offset our shipping emissions

Every month, Offset calculates the total emissions generated by our shipped orders, and that number becomes our monthly Offset cost, which then go towards forest protection initiatives.

Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project

You, us and Shopify are investing in the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon rainforest. This project covers 496,988 hectares of tropical forest in Brazil, an area the size of Northumberland, protecting more than 2,400 species of flora and fauna within it.

You can read more about the project here Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project