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Ahoy there! We do love the thought of being beside the seaside and you will too with our coastal extravaganza of ship shape sea birds


The not-so Common Crane, probably the most elegant British bird. We've teamed ours up with some dusky pink and a selection of Cushions, Aprons, Tea Towels and Tableware


Irrupting across the channel over Winter, Hawfinches are a special visitor to Britain. You can share your home with one all year around with our Mugs, Aprons, Tea Towels and Tableware

Kitchen Textiles

Clean up bird-stylee with our kitchen collection of Aprons and Tea Towels, all made in the UK, all made with birds-on and all made with a love of messing about in the kitchen in mind


Don't be a Mug...get one with a bird on instead! Our highly collectable and eminently desirable bird themed mugs are perfect for cosying up with a Hot Chocolate on cold winters days


We're totally potty for Puffins which is why we've put together this flaptastic collection of Puffiny textiles, ceramics, stationery and tableware.


Watch out, watch out...there's a massive Owl Faced tray about (and it's after your sarnies) Get carried away with our flaptastic Owl and Puffin trays!


Wren will I, will I be famous? Our Wren & Bramble Tea Pot already've gone potty for it! Team it up with our other Jenny-Wren items for a Wren-Frenzy