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We're Five!

We're Five!

We're five years old! In May 2014 we stumbled into becoming an accidental greeting card publisher. To everyone that's accompanied us on this five year stint we'd just like to...

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I Like Birds Pinterest Page

I Like Birds on Pinterest

If you're like us (and as you're here you probably are a bit like us) then you'll probably love Pinterest. Probably. If you know what Pinterest is then you may...

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Stickers4 - Bird Strike Prevention with I Like Birds

Say Hello to Dan! He's a Wizard...

One of the joys of doing this is that we get to meet, become friends with and work alongside some truly creative and inspiring people. We've teamed up with a...

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I like Birds at Spring Fair 2019

What's hot for Spring 2019? I Like Birds at the Q1 Trade Shows

It's 2019 and the first trade shows of the year are just about to kick off. In industry-speak these are the Q1 shows

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I Like Birds - All about the Puffin

Bird Notes : Puffin

A.K.A. Sea Parrots. Or "Clowns of the Sea". Their latin name translates as "Little brother of the north"

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I Like Birds - All about the Hawfinch

Bird Notes : Hawfinch

With a bill exerting 180psi to crack open cherry stones, the Hawfinch is a Passerine hard nut!

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I Like Birds - All about the Common Crane

Bird Notes : Common Crane

They dance, fly at the altitude of a jet, & they're back in the UK. Celebrate the "not so Common" Crane

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